Results matter

Phase 1 Service by Design:

We perform a detailed evaluation of your property record and recommend an initial plan of action and options as appropriate.

Phase 2 Data Collection​:

Our services include data collection for your property tax records, estimates and photos to develop a market basis and assessment review for each property.

​Phase 3 Appeal Management:

SR-PAS takes control of the appeal process with case documentation, filing all necessary property tax forms for protest, and representing our clients in all negotiations in the informal hearing and before the appraisal review board. The entire protest process is done by us to free up your time.

​Phase 4 Consulting Services:

We consult with you regarding the property tax process, requests for information, strategy using the Texas Property Tax Code. We will meet for a complete review of every property in your portfolio during the tax year to identify successes and/or problems and select specific areas to target in our appeal.

Phase 5 Hearing Results:

SR-PAS will provide final hearing results for the protest year